Reach your audience with confidence

Get your invites, reminders & incentive emails delivered with confidence.
It’s fast, reliable, scalable and transparent.

Clear schedule plan for your invites

Clean scheduling for invites & reminders by batch to avoid messy fielding.

Invites Schedule January 2018 1 InvitesSent 20k MO2 TU3 WE4 TH5 FR6 SA7 InvitesScheduled 18k Invite-Batch-01 Invite-Batch-02 Invite-Batch-03 ReminderScheduled ReminderScheduled InvitesScheduled 25k


Know your data

Keep a tab on your data, view every detail that matters for making the right decision. 


Who is it for?

Researchers, agencies, data collection companies.

Delivering your invites to the Inbox

Collecting opinion starts from successfully delivering your invites to inbox. Businesses falsely assume that an email is delivered but the reality is often very different.

Sending invites from 1k to millions per month

Send small or large volume in few simple steps.

Manage invites, reminders & incentives in one place

Sending invites/ reminders for several studies or multi language studies can be messy and confusing. Managing all those invites separately can add further complications. Now, you can manage all your invites/ reminders in a simple user friendly unified platform.

Reliable & affordable

Setting up and maintaining infrastructure for high-volume email is complex, challenging, and expensive. It’s not as simple as maintaining a corporate email environment, and very different rules and standards apply.

How does it works

Intuitive steps & minimalist design to manage your invites.

Professional services

Let our experts help you with your requirements.
We can help you send invites from thousands to millions.